Sales and inventory management

With REDRETAIL you now have the capability of managing real-time sales visibility and inventory management. This gives you the advantage of managing the financials around your shop and seeing it as a cash centre that gives you visibility across each sale.


Digital services (Bill payments acceptance and Airtime top-up)

Our platform gives you the power to settle customer bills, school fees, government payments etc. This gives your customers ease to settle their bills at their convenience from their neighborhood store.


Digital payments acceptance

With the growing utilization of digital payments, stores need to have both cash and cashless facilities live on their premises. REDRETAIL comes with its digital payments (debit card, credit card, QR, NFC etc.) system that helps you accept multiple payment methods to cater to your customer needs.


Sending supply orders directly to distributors

With REDRETAIL you now have the capability of real-time order placement across a wide variety of distribution channels. We ensure that your inventory is always up-to-date, as per your demands, helping you manage your customer expectations without leaving your shop or waiting for inventory to arrive.


Payment to distributors directly from the platform

Managing finances is much easier with REDRETAIL. With our POS system, you can directly make hassle-free digital payments to your distributors.


Tailor-made loans for inventory

REDRETAIL is a complete ecosystem, one that is built to help you scale your business. Our system helps you forecast demand and in partnership with financial institutions; provides working capital as per your business demands on easy monthly Instalments.

Loyalty program

With our proprietary loyalty program, you have the facility to reward your frequent customers and ensure they stay committed to your store via incentive programs, ensuring that the best shoppers shop at your superstore.


Setting up your superstore

REDRETAIL gives you access to a digital marketplace, preloaded with product likes (not as small and large appliances phones, electronics, accessories, etc.) with margins in place, you will be able to supply a super assortment of products and services to your customer – essentially making you a superstore without the need to carry physical inventory.


Hyper-local delivery

Your store is the custodian of a great retail experience in your community. To truly become a digital-first store within your community we publish/digitise your store on our consumer application so that customers can directly order products at your store and you can receive them via our POS device without bringing your device to the mix.
We deploy the hardware and software that carries your store into the future. Sign up today for your REDRETAIL POS device and welcome to your superstore.