Real-time sales visibility

For any manufacturer, live visibility of their on-ground, retail sales will drive success. With REDRETAIL we have built a robust system that gives you live transactional data across your products and how they are performing across stores in Pakistan.

AI and ML led data-analytics

With macro and micro level visibility across stores, our AI & ML led data analytics builds predictive models that help you forecast demand, plan product distribution, augment promotions and spend across relevant stores and consumers and take the guesswork out of your upstream (production) and down-stream planning.

Direct marketing distributors, retailers, consumers

A natural symmetry of the platform is giving access to your entire supply chain, sales process. REDRETAIL is built to broadcast your messaging downstream to your audiences and offer the deals/alerts that make the right impact and the right time.

Integration with ERPs to support supply-chain optimization

Businesses nowadays  struggle with building the right inventory to cater to their target audiences, with lockdowns etc. becoming the new normal, demand forecasting is no longer as easy as it once was. With REDRETAIL our system provides real-time visibility of your inventory in the market and our AI &ML predictive modelling gives you access to data that evolves your production capabilities.

Retail and Distributor Finance management

Cash stuck in the market is a thing of the past, with REDRETAIL you have prebuilt lending partners integrated into the mix so that your business partners don’t have to stretch your budgets to meet their demands. Our AI and ML engine makes sure that merchants have visibility on the stock that performs and lending products tied to their success.

Loyalty and Rewards led platform

Manage all your loyalty and rewards scenarios within one ecosystem. REDRETAIL gives you visibility on points that are spread across your customer journey and ensure that you keep track of your loyalty programs ensuring efficiency, happiness and near-zero liability.