Loyalty program

Through the REDRETAIL consumer application, we reward customer loyalty and move from relationship management to experience management. Experience manufacturer led loyalty that works with your spending to ensure saving.


Access to offers and promotions

As a consumer REDRETAIL keeps you informed with respect to the best deals and promotions around you. Our app is on point with respect to the best deals and discounts around you.


Electronic payment across stores

Now have access to digital payments across our range of stores and across our online channels. Electronic payments are the future and consumers can now transact with peace of mind and go cashless.

Bill and school fee payments

Now pay your bills and school fees at your nearest REDRETAIL outlet or have access to these services within our SuperApp. Convenience is now nearby.

Hyperlocal delivery and pickup

The REDRETAIL SuperApp is built to give you access to our merchants to help cater to your hyper-local delivery needs. Just download the app and place your order; or collect it at your convenience.