About Us

About Us

About the Group

REDtone Group is a leading global provider of communication technology services including advanced telephony, satellite broadband, innovative digital technologies, data, and voice termination.

What We Do

REDRETAIL is a digital retail platform that has the power to transform your brick-and-mortar shop into a future-proof digital store. With powerful features and technology, we can augment conventional offline experiences like merchandising, inventory management, supply & logistics, POS, and payments: digitising them to bring transparency, automation and excitement to your customer’s retail experience.


Mahnoor Nadeem

RDS CEO and Group Vice President
Overseeing the Commercial, Technical, Legal and Partner matters of REDRETAIL

Ahsun Abbas

Deputy CTO
Leading the Technical areas across our teams and our development partner teams for REDRETAIL

Moazzam Kamran

Director Business Transformation
Leading the Commercial, Strategy, Marketing and Business Partnership matters for REDRETAIL


Nadeem Yunus

President and Group Chairman
Chairman of Group and guiding hand behind REDRETAIL’s vision and mission